In memory of Bruce Bond
June 6, 1939 -- October 21, 1999

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Author's Preface

There are some stories for which a synopsis is quite impossible, or pointless, and when I sat down to write one for "Waiting," I found it to be one of the latter. But the explanation for why it exists should provide as close a summary as is necessary. When one conceives of and weaves an entire mythos of fan fiction -- not merely a few stories, but a whole cycle of interlocked tales that follow an evolution of thought and theme -- holes invariably appear in the tapestry. Hopefully not the big gaping holes that are the result of failing to sufficiently think things through, but little gaps where minor events took place, moments which are not the stuff of adventures and complex tales, but more like little anecdotes. They are referred to in the bigger stories but never really told, unless the author gets lucky enough to find a place where they actually fit in the framework without seeming like something tacked on for no good reason. They are the "cut scenes" of writing, edited out either in revision or even before the scene is written. Sometimes, this happens because they plain and simply do not work and belong on the cutting room floor, erased from existence forever. Other times, it happens because the right time and place to actually show the scene never presents itself. The events that happen remain a part of the bigger story, but the picture is never stuck into the scrapbook, so to speak. Every now and then, if you write enough of the big picture, you find yourself with various collections of little interrelated moments. And when that collection gets big enough, you find yourself with a way of sticking the pieces together. What often results isn't a gripping saga or even a minor adventure; it's a story of reflections and thoughts and feelings rather than important events and stirring drama, character-driven rather than plot-driven. This is the best way to describe "Waiting." It's not a stream of consciousness thing; it's not a tale of high adventure. It's hole-filler. It's plaster. It's a collection of moments that had no place in other stories, save as mentions of past events, but are all connected with a common thread: that of waiting, for time to pass, for things to change, for the future to arrive. It's not deep, it's not driven, it's... reflective. It has its moments of humor and surprise, but its function is simply that of little links that help hold together the greater whole.  So don't go looking for War and Peace, here, nor for side-splitting comedy, though it has both its poignant and ridiculous moments. "Waiting" fills a bunch of little holes in my concept of the years between 1985 and 1997 in Hill Valley. This is as close as I get to fluff -- but even fluff can serve a purpose. It helped me be creative during a time when creativity was quite difficult, mourning the sudden loss of my brother-in-law Bruce, who was one of the most talented artists and kindest persons I have ever known.

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